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Thanks to ACTFL’s strict adherence to test development guidelines, research and testing best practices, our ratings have emerged as a standard measure of language proficiency in the U.S. Over the past 25 years LTI has tested candidates in over 40 countries and in over 100 languages.  LTI proudly offers valid and reliable reading, writing, speaking and listening tests for our corporate clients.
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Commercial Clients

With over 25 years providing assessments to the corporate sector, LTI has experience in working with organizations of all sizes.  From Fortune 500 companies, to small and mid-size companies, LTI can deliver a testing program to meet your needs. LTI offers the highest level of client service, using the latest technologies to provide test scheduling and reporting over secure, customized client sites.
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Understanding the Requirements

LTI assesses the language proficiency of hundreds of thousands of candidates every year, and is one of the largest and most respected foreign language proficiency testing providers in the world.

Oral Proficiency in the Workplace

We work with clients not only to set up testing but to also make sure they understand what levels of language proficiency they need and should be testing for.

To best understand this, CLICK HERE and view our Oral Proficiency in the Workplace chart which clearly outlines the levels of proficiency associated with various types of employment positions and the minimum levels of oral proficiency required based on task analyses.
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