White Plains, NY – As the leader in language testing, LTI is committed to constantly improving our ability to help organizations find qualified bilingual candidates. Our integration with Oracle’s Taleo software does just that. It’s no secret that Taleo is the leading talent management solution worldwide. LTI’s collaboration with Oracle will make it easier for HR professionals to find the right candidates quickly and efficiently.

This integration is a multi-session, multi-phased, mixed model assessment service that takes recruiting to the next level. Our partners receive a single Assessment Order Request (AOR) from Taleo (per candidate, per application) and LTI then provides the selected assessment to the candidate. Results are quickly sent back to Taleo and delivered to our HR partner(s).

LTI supports all 3 assessment integrations which are:
• Candidate-centric
• Recruiter-centric
• Candidate & Recruiter-centric (mixed)

LTI’s integration with Talent management cloud is available on the Oracle cloud Marketplace. For further details on how you and your organization can utilize our latest offering, please contact us!

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