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What is ALIRA?

The ACTFL Latin Interpretive Reading Assessment (ALIRA) is a computer-adaptive assessment of Latin students’ ability to read for comprehension a variety of Latin-language texts that typify those used in an instructional setting. One or two multiple-choice questions accompany each text and gather evidence of understanding of main ideas, supporting details, point-of-view, inferences, or text purpose.

What is a “computer-adaptive assessment?”

Computer-adaptive assessments adjust difficulty of text and question based on a student’s performance throughout the assessment.  By doing so, the assessment determines the student’s ability level quickly and efficiently.

Can students go back and change their answers?

No. The computer makes decisions about text difficulty based on students’ answers. Once students have submitted their answers to a question and moved on to either the next question or text, they cannot return.

How long is ALIRA?

ALIRA must be completed within 50 minutes as it is designed to be given in a single class period. There is a 50 minute countdown clock for the overall test. There is also a separate timer that appears for each text that informs students how much time they have left to complete the questions associated with that text.

What grade levels are appropriate for ALIRA?

ALIRA is designed for students in middle school and beyond.

What kinds of texts does ALIRA use?

ALIRA presents a wide variety of texts including shorter and longer texts from ancient Rome, texts from today’s Latin-users’ community and may include Wikipedia, social networks, and online newspapers and publications. The texts appear in block letter without macrons. Click here to see some samples.

What kind of score does ALIRA give?

ALIRA provides an ACTFL Performance Score. There are four gradations of the Novice level and five gradations at the Intermediate level. ALIRA Scores are N1, N2, N3, N4, I1, I2, I3, I4, I5 and A. Test takers receive an individual ALIRA report that shows the score and provides a brief narrative explaining it.  Click here to see a sample ALIRA score report.

How do I order and administer ALIRA, and retrieve test results?

Each school/district is provided with a customized Web-portal called a “Client Utility Site.” Through your client utility site you will be able to order tests, view schedules, retrieve ratings, print certificates, and export data into standard Excel documents. Upon retrieving results you will be able to sort results by school, teacher, and/or class.  Please contact LTI to open an ACTFL testing account at least three weeks in advance of the date you wish to begin testing.  Click here and complete the contact form, indicating in the “comments” field that you wish to order ALIRA.

What technology is required to administer ALIRA?

ALIRA must be administered in a proctored setting and is designed to use a basic computer and broadband connection, such as a school’s language or computer lab. There is a systems compatibility check at:  BEFORE YOUR STUDENTS BEGIN TESTING please be sure to either disable your browser’s popup blocker, or add as a trusted site.

What is the average delivery time for ratings?

Test results and certificates are available upon completion from your own client utility site.

When can the test be administered?

ALIRA can be scheduled from your own client utility site at any point during the school year, as long as a proctor is available to administer the test. 

How much does ALIRA cost?

$10 per student per test.