ACTFL OPIc - (Oral proficiency interview by computer)

Test taker tips

Customer Support Contact: or (800) 486-8444

Test Description:

The OPIc is designed to rate a candidate’s speaking ability.  The responses of candidates will be reviewed by The American Council on the Speaking of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) certified raters. The test is delivered by computer and is approximately 30 minutes long.  You will be given anywhere from 10-15 questions, all delivered in the target language, and you will be instructed to respond in the target language.

For Each Question on the Test:

Each question presents a task askng for specific details that should be included in your responses.  In general, be sure to:

  • Only speak in the language being tested
  • Address each part of the question
  • Speak as much as necessary to address all parts of the question

Tips to Meet the Required Passing Level:

  • Listen to each question carefully
  • Be able to speak with ease and confidence on familiar topics
  • Have the ability to describe people, places, and things
  • Show you can handle everyday conversations, sometimes when there is an unexpected complication
  • Speak in the past, present, and future tense in a clear enough way that it can be understood when the events you describe happened

CLICK HERE to access a demo of the OPIc.