ACTFL WPT - (Writing proficiency test)

Test taker tips

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Test Description:

The WPT measures a candidate’s writing ability using real-world situations. You have 80 minutes to complete four major tasks. Each situation has three or more tasks that must be addressed in your response. You are responsible for managing your own time, though we provide a time clock to show you how much time is left as you go through the test. If for some reason you are disconnected from the test, you can simply log back in (must be within 2 hours) to continue where you left off.

For Each Question on the Test:

The WPT is an 80-minute test with 2-5 writing situations presented, with each situation containing an overall writing task that asks for specific details, in bullet format, that you should include in your responses. The difficulty of each situation increases as you go through the test.

The writing tasks in the bullets must be included in your final response. Skipping a task or writing too little may affect your rating. Remember, you must:

  • Respond to every part of each situation
  • Write as much as necessary to completely address all topics

Writing Test Tips:

Read each question carefully so that you understand what you need to write about in your response. Your responses should include:

  • Multiple paragraphs that are detailed, connected, and organized
  • Writing in different time frames so that your meaning is easily understood
  • The ability to express yourself on common and complex issues
  • The ability to support your opinions on topics of particular interest with significant precision and detail

CLICK HERE to access a demo of the WPT.