ACTFL Tests for K12

The National Standards for Foreign Language Learning have defined what should be taught to students learning foreign languages. LTI answers the question of ‘how well’ those students do the ‘what.’

The ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12 Learners have helped language teachers, school administrators, parents, and students to understand the developmental path that second language learning takes when it occurs within a school setting. They identify three modes of communication: Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational.

LTI offers internet-delivered and secure ACTFL assessments that address interpersonal speaking and presentational writing of the K-12 language learner in student friendly, low anxiety formats that can be administered on-demand, on your schedule.

Serving Commonly and Less Commonly Taught Languages

ACTFL and LTI continually expand the scope of language testing. In this way, students of less commonly taught languages are provided with the same testing opportunities as those available to students of French, German, and Spanish.

The AAPPL Assessment System

ACTFL recognizes that the times and the profession call for a new kind of standardized assessment of foreign language learning. In response ACTFL has developed the Assessment of Performance and Proficiency of Languages (AAPPL®), a complete assessment system to evaluate 21st century language student performance and progress. To learn more about the AAPPL, click here.

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