Who We Are

Who We Are

Since 1992, Language Testing International (LTI), a Samsung company, has been the leader in language proficiency testing for more than 120 languages in over 60 countries. We are the exclusive licensee of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, better known as ACTFL. Founded in 1967, ACTFL is a leader in the development of proficiency-based teaching and testing, with a membership of over 12,500 language educators and administrators. ACTFL members work collaboratively to strengthen and improve the teaching of foreign languages at all educational levels. To ensure the quality and validity of our tests, LTI strictly uses certified ACTFL testers and raters.

Our accredited ACTFL language assessments are widely recognized and accepted by major corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies. The tests we offer come in all formats and include: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Each test is designed to properly determine the specific proficiency level of an individual and ultimately to provide a valid and defensible language credential.

For Bilingual Individuals: Education and experience certainly help when to it comes to landing a job, but being bilingual can give you a major advantage. The ability to speak a second language is an asset that is highly prized by companies and schools of all shapes and sizes in our diverse global economy that values effective communication in the language of their local client.

LTI offers one of the most recognized and accepted language credentials in the world, conveniently accessible on your own schedule through our remotely proctored testing platform. Test from anywhere, anytime to receive a certified assessment of your language abilities that employers know and trust, or use it to gain access to employment options only available to bilingual candidates.

It Pays to be Bilingual. Certifying your language skills with LTI demonstrates a strong work ethic every employer looks for. Companies seeking to reach customers around the world will look favorably on an applicant who is culturally aware and has the requisite language abilities to help grow the business and generate new revenue. Reports show that bilingual employees can earn up to 20% more than those who speak only one language.

For Companies and HR Professionals: It’s never easy to find the perfect candidate. From reviewing resumes to scheduling and conducting interviews, making the right hire takes time. LTI can help you reduce that time by eliminating the guesswork on whether candidates who claim to be fluent truly possess the language skills required for the job. From the start, LTI gives you the confidence to know that your candidate has the right level of language proficiency required for the role.

Over the last quarter century, we've built a trusted reputation with people and companies across the globe. That is why our commitment to continually innovate and improve the language testing experience is our top priority.

This commitment has led to the development of our online remote proctoring platform which allows users to test their language skills from any location at any time.

We look forward to working with you, and want you to know that LTI not only provides the most universally recognized language credential, but an opportunity to better communicate with the world.

LTI is headquartered in White Plains, NY.

To learn more about the LTI advantage and to test your skills, or those of your job applicants, call us at (1-800) 486-8444 or email info@languagetesting.com