Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an ACTFL Test? When you really need to know, ACTFL/LTI provide the most widely recognized, reliable & defensible testing on the market. Many organizations specify that they will only accept ratings from ACTFL/LTI, because they know they can trust the results of the testing. For many years, ACTFL has been developing testing instruments and delivering proficiency ratings across academia, commerce and government – independent 3rd-party reviews of the tests, and of the raters, show beyond a shadow of a doubt that the testing is accurate, reliable and defensible.

Can you test against the ILR scale? Yes – our ILR ratings are recognized as a test of record by many federal government organizations which are part of the ILR, including the Defense Language Institute and Defense Intelligence Agency. Our tests follow ILR protocols, and are rated directly against the ILR scale.

What is the relationship between ACTFL and LTI? ACTFL trains and certifies testers. LTI delivers the testing. LTI is the exclusive licensee of ACTFL assessments, and is subject to rigorous, quality assurance.

How long must I wait before I take another test? Standard retest policy dictates a waiting period of 90 days – we certainly recommend waiting until significant study, exposure or practice has had a chance to develop your skills. Measurable increases in proficiency can take a long time to achieve (How Long Can It Take?), and testing twice in rapid succession is not likely to show a different result.

What languages does LTI test in? We test in a huge, and ever-growing, range of languages – to see if we test in the language you’re interested in, please click here.

How much do the assessments cost? For commercial or academic prices, please contact us.

If you are a federal government agency, or other qualified buyer, you can buy on our GSA schedule, availablehere.

I have questions about my rating – what can I do? If you have questions, you can request a diagnostic feedback report, which will explain the rating assigned and your performance. To request this, contact us at customercare@languagetesting.com.

I want to know how well my staff is able to speak and interact with non-native speaking people – can you help? Yes – we can help you carry out a language audit of all your staff, in a wide range of languages. We can also help you determine how well your staff need to be able to speak in order to successfully carry out the tasks expected of them through a task analysis.

How can I determine how well the people within my organization need to be in order to successfully interact with non-native speaking populations? The easiest way to determine this is through a Task Analysis – more details are available here.

Why can’t I have my own Spanish-speaking staff test my people? Assessing proficiency is a very complex task, and requires a great deal of training in order to ensure that assessments are reliable and are standardized. Using speakers of a language to assess proficiency runs the risk of making important decisions with unreliable information, and can lead to misallocation of resources and potential legal issues.

Do you offer speaking tests? Yes – click here to find out the ways in which LTI can help you assess speaking skills.

Do you offer listening tests? Yes – click here to find out the ways in which LTI can help you assess listening skills.

Do you offer reading tests? Yes – click here to find out the ways in which LTI can help you assess reading skills.

Do you offer writing tests? Yes – click here to find out the ways in which LTI can help you assess writing skills.

I took a test but I didn’t get, or lost, the certificate – can I get a replacement? Replacements are available online – please contact us at customercare@languagetesting.com to request one.

How do you ensure that the test-taker doesn’t cheat? There are numerous ways in which LTI tests are proctored – exact protocols differ depending upon the test and the client.  For example, in commercial testing, the most common method involves having a trusted member of the Human Resources department sign an agreement to guarantee the identity of the test-taker and the conditions under which the test is conducted.

How long does it take to get test results and how long are they valid for?  Test ratings can be available as soon as the same business day, but are largely dependent on the specific tests and needs of our clients. Test results are valid for two (2) years.

Have the tests been validated by independent, external reviewers? The assessments provided by LTI have been researched and validated by independent researchers. A bibliography of studies of ACTFL/LTI assessments can be found here.

I want to get myself tested – how do I request an individual test? The easiest way to access ACTFL/LTI testing as an individual is to request an Academic Assessment, which you can do by clicking here.

I forgot my log-in and/or password to the Client Utility Site – where can I get help? Please email us at customercare@languagetesting.com for assistance.

How do I set up an account? Account setup is free, easy and quick. Please click here to fill in an account request form.

Does it cost money to set up an account? No – account setup is free, easy and quick. Please click here to fill in an account request form.

Is there a minimum volume of tests required to set up an account? No – However, we will ask you to provide some basic information about your expected volume, the only other information you’ll need to provide is the languages in which you expect to test, and contact information for operational and billing concerns.

Does it matter where I learned my language? No – ACTFL/LTI assessments are not geared towards a certain type of speaker. Whether you learned your language in school, as an adult, or in your family, the assessments measure your ability to perform real-world tasks.

Who are your testers? ACTFL certified testers are highly specialized language professionals, from leading universities and government language programs. They have at least an M.A, and many have a Ph.D. They have completed a rigorous four-day face-to-face training process that concludes with a tester’s demonstrated ability to consistently elicit ratable speech samples and consistently rate samples with a high degree of reliability. They must take part in annual tester meetings and refresher workshops, and re-certify every four years.

What is on the tests? The subjects covered in the assessments reflect real-world concerns, and cover a range of tasks one might be expected to handle in real life. View the test descriptions for questions about a particular test.

How can I apply for test accommodations? All accommodation requests should be sent to accommodations@languagetesting.com. Please read the Test Accommodations page before you make any request.

Is there any additional fee if my accommodation request has been approved? No. LTI does not charge additional fees for testing accommodations.

What kinds of accommodations does LTI provide? LTI is committed to providing reasonable testing accommodations for candidates with special needs. The accommodation request is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please read the Test Accommodations page and send your inquiries to accommodations@languagetesting.com

Does LTI have a FERPA Policy? Yes. Please find the policy here.

Is the documentation submitted for accommodation treated in a confidential manner? Confidentiality is assured according to LTI’s Confidentiality Policy.