GSA Schedule

Federal Supply Group: 738 II   Federal Supply Class: 7384

SIN: 382-3                                     Contract Number: GS-10F-0032Y

Test Type Name Description Price Per Test
(ILR Rating)


Oral Proficiency Interview

The OPI is a live 15-40 minutes test administered over the phone. Ratings for certified OPIs are available within five business days, commercial ratings within one business day.

OPIs cancelled less than 24 hours before scheduled start time are billed $55.
*Certified: $136.88
**Commercial: $109.12


Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer to ILR 3

The OPIc is a 20-40 minutes speaking test delivered online via computer or tablet, or over the phone, and live-rated. The OPIc to ILR 3 assesses proficiency up to ILR 3. Certified Ratings are available within five business days, commercial ratings within one business day.

*Certified: $62.22
**Commercial: $57.43


Listening Proficiency Test

The LPT is a computer-scored listening test delivered online with ILR ratings provided instantly. LPT tests up to ILR 3. Candidates listen to passages and answer multiple-choice questions.



Reading Proficiency Test

The RPT is a computer-scored reading test, delivered online with ratings provided instantly. RPT tests up to ILR 3. Candidates read text and answer multiple-choice questions in the target language.



Writing Proficiency Test

The WPT measures overall writing ability and is available online or in booklet form. The WPT requires the candidate to perform realistic writing tasks (constructing e-mails, memos, etc.) that are then live-rated. Ratings for certified tests are delivered within five business days, and within 3 business days for commercial tests.

*Certified: $62.22
**Commercial: $47.86
TASK ANALYSIS: LTI will work with the Subject Matter Experts at your institution to determine a valid and legally defensible minimum level of proficiency for a position, as well as provide training for your faculty and staff in test procedures and accurate interpretation of ratings. Optional service. Contact your LTI representative for more information.
* Certified tests are rated by two raters, and are issued an official (digital) certificate.
** Commercial tests are rated by one rater.
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