This "At-a-Glance" guide contains all the information you will need to get started with AAPPL. Welcome, and happy testing!

Requesting and Administering AAPPL Tests, and Retrieving Results

CLIENT SITE - Login to your Client Site (retrieve your forgotten Usernames and Passwords there) to:

  • Order tests - Click on "Test Requests." All instructions for ordering tests are on the screen. View video.
  • Administer tests and View Results - Click on "Test Status" to:
    • Print student test logins on Avery 5160 label sheets.
    • View status of each student's test (not started, completed, partially completed, etc).
    • Listen to student speaking test responses by clicking on the "speaker" icons.
    • Read student writing test responses by click on the "pencil and paper" icons.
    • Export test data to Excel.
  • Print score reports by clicking on "Print Certificates"
  • See data graphs by clicking on "Reporting." Mouse over bars, or "print preview" for data details.

Notes On Ordering and Administering Tests:


Seal of Biliteracy Testing

  • If ordering AAPPL tests for Seal of Biliteracy Awards, use FORM B when completing the Test Request.

Who Should Upload the Test Requests:

  • Templates must be uploaded from teacher logins for scores to be accessible by teachers.

Custom Fields: When ordering tests you will have 3 "custom fields" you can designate.

  • You can re-label the custom field headings and enter demographic information for students.
  • Examples: "Special Ed," "Heritage Learner," "Studied Abroad," "IEP, " etc.
  • You must include Custom Field data when ordering if you want it reported back with scores.

Review the Proctoring Agreement that is available here.


  • In advance of testing print student login labels and bring them to class on testing day.
  • Direct students to http://aappl.actfltesting.org to take their tests.

Teacher and Student Familiarization:

  • Watch the video on the ABOUT page.
  • Review the Tasks & Topics page so you know what tasks and topics will be on the test.
  • Set goals/strategies using the Score Descriptions and Sample Score Report on the Scores page.
  • Check out the tips videos on the Tips page.
  • Take the Practice Test on the Demo page.
  • Learn everything you ever wanted to know about AAPPL, and more on the FAQs page!
  • Testing students in writing? Make sure students are learning keyboarding skills in the language.


  • Ask your Technology Coordinator to review the Technology FAQs.
  • Request that an IT staff-person help you with headset/microphone setup and settings.
  • Run the System Check in advance, and again just prior to testing to ensure proper settings.
  • Request that an IT staff-member be on hand to assist you with local issues during testing.


  • Number of students you can test simultaneously: This is addressed in the Technology FAQs.
  • Using students' laptops? Run the System Check in advance and on the day of testing.
  • Administering the Writing test component? Prepare for keyboarding:
    • AAPPL will use any language keyboard application your school uses for instruction.
    • For additional keyboard setup instructions see the Technology FAQs.

For support contact us at aapplhelp@languagetesting.com, or (800) 486-8444 from 8:00 am 6:00 pm ET.