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  1. Reading and Writing Test

    If you are looking for a reading and writing test for any kind of foreign language, look no further than LTI’s variety of options across a multitude of languages. As the primary developer of secondary language texts for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language, you can trust to the credibility and competency of the test makers for...
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  2. Speaking Proficiency Tests

    Countless organizations benefit greatly from having multilingual employees. However, there is only one tried and true method of ensuring that your employees have the language skills you need to stand out – Language Testing International’s speaking proficiency tests. As the only company to be licensed by the world-renowned American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), only we at...
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  3. The Importance of a Writing Proficiency Assessment

    Are your employees or potential candidates in need of a writing proficiency assessment? Many candidates come to corporations offering language skills in multiple languages. How do you know, however, if those skills will match the needs of your company? Competing in a global market place – or even just domestically – requires that your employees have the best language skills...
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